Every Impression Counts

COMET is a unified programmatic platform that leverages powerful technology and unique data from Cox Enterprises companies to connect buyers and sellers across desktop, mobile, video, and TV.


Experience & Expertise

COMET is a Cox Enterprises company, a leader in communications, media, and automotive services, providing specialized technology, research, and data resources.

Cross-Channel Technology

Leverage powerful programmatic tech to buy and sell media across digital, video, over-the-top, and television.


Buyers can now target across any channel programmatically.


Publishers can now monetize any channel programmatically.

Big(ger) Data

Apply your data, our integrated partner data – or leverage Cox Automotive, Cable, and Media Subscriber data to reach the right person at the right time and place.

Powerful Tools

Backed by world-class engineering, our ad exchange features machine-learning alongside anti-fraud protections and proprietary datasets from across Cox.

Cox Innovation Lab (Powered by COMET)

COMET is the technology engine supporting innovation and driving ongoing business development efforts enterprise-wide.

Machine Learning at Scale

COMET leverages multiple real-time models to maximize yield for publishers and drive efficiency and ROI for buyers.

Trusted Inventory

Only Cox and trusted partner inventory – filtered by three independent quality monitors, offering exceptional protection from ad fraud.

Impression Optimization

We make inventory worth more. Period. Which drives results for buyers and yield for publishers.


We are Cox Media Technology. Connecting buyers and sellers through an advanced programmatic trading platform across all advertising channels. Programmatic Everything™: Desktop – Mobile – Video – Television.

Featured Customers & Partners

Leading publishers and advertisers in the business trust COMET.

Cox Automotive
Bid Switch

“Cox is at the forefront of the latest programmatic trends, and their national and local inventory sources continue to be highly sought after by our demand partners. They are a great supply partner for BidSwitch.”

–Ryan Chandler, BidSwitch Head of Supply