Programmatic for Buyers

With COMET’s programmatic platform, buyers have access to vetted inventory and artificial intelligence-based technology that increases the efficiency of buying targeted impressions across desktop, mobile, video, and TV.

Buy with Confidence

COMET’s commitment to quality includes on-going anti-fraud initiatives, with real-time, inventory quality checks. This encompasses two filters for 100% of the impressions passing through the platform, managed both internally and by two independent verification services.

Apply Big Data

COMET’s ad exchange uniquely positions buyers to leverage their data alongside proprietary datasets from Cox Enterprises Inc. to better identify, understand, and reach target audiences.

Featured Customers & Partners

Cox Automotive

“Cox is at the forefront of the latest programmatic trends, and their national and local inventory sources continue to be highly sought after by our demand partners. They are a great supply partner for BidSwitch.”

–Ryan Chandler, BidSwitch Head of Supply

Target Across All Channels

COMET’s programmatic platform provides buyers access to quality inventory across desktop, mobile, video, and TV. Sophisticated adTech and proprietary data sets enables advertisers to reach the right people at the right time and place.


122 million unique visitors and delivering more than 20 billion impressions a month.


Be part of a cross-channel platform that offers buyers customized, mobile targeting solutions.


Premium multi-screen in-player, in-banner, and interactive video.


Sellers can join an exchange that offers buyers high targetability through access to unique inventory and consumer data.

COMET Radius™

COMET Radius is an innovative data solution that analyzes billions of impressions a day in real time, evaluating each for missing or imprecise OpenRTB fields like Site URL, Referrer URL, Domain, and Page URL, or mobile properties like App Name, App Bundle, and AppStore URL.

Historical data, externally available third party data, and even real-time page attributes are leveraged to provide even more information and the richest picture possible for advertisers to buy against.


COMET Core predictively finds and routes impressions that are of high value to each specific buyer, in real-time. Sending buyers only the impressions they want to buy and increasing channel efficiency 10X.

Some demand partners using COMET Core have achieved bid rates of 97-98%.

Achieve amazing results

COMET’s holistic programmatic platform, including its anti-fraud technology, unique inventory access, and proprietary data, is engineered to increase both efficiency and value for buyers.