Programmatic for Sellers

COMET’s programmatic platform is designed to increase the value and efficiency of publishers’ inventory, and connect them with buyers seeking to purchase impressions across all channels, including desktop, mobile, video, and TV.

Maximize Your Inventory

COMET’s programmatic platform is designed to increase the value and efficiency of publishers’ inventory. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are leveraged alongside powerful data to test and increase value for every impression transacted.

COMETs exclusive floor optimization technology goes beyond what most exchanges can offer. Utilizing machine learning our exchange analyzes impression data in real-time to predict its value, and dynamically adjusts the floor price to optimize return.


Publisher Partners


A ComScore Top 10 Exchange


A Pixalate Top 10 Trusted Seller

Apply Big Data

COMET’s unified programmatic platform leverages powerful data from Cox’s dozens of companies to connect buyers and sellers across desktop, mobile, video, and TV. Proprietary datasets from Cox Automotive, Cox Communications and Cox Media Group, alongside machine learning enrich the data around each impression, making it more valuable to buyers.

Monetize Any Channel

The COMET Exchange is designed to support the transaction of impressions across all advertising channels: desktop, mobile, video, and TV. Sellers can leverage our technology for all of their inventory needs.


122 million unique visitors and delivering more than 20 billion impressions a month.


Be part of a cross-channel platform that offers buyers customized, mobile targeting solutions.


Premium multi-screen in-player, in-banner, and interactive video.


Sellers can join an exchange that offers buyers high targetability through access to unique inventory and consumer data.

COMET Radius™

COMET Radius is an innovative data solution that analyzes billions of impressions a day in real time, evaluating each for missing or imprecise OpenRTB fields like Site URL, Referrer URL, Domain, and Page URL, or mobile properties like App Name, App Bundle, and AppStore URL.

Historical data, externally available third party data, and even real-time page attributes are leveraged to provide the richest picture possible for advertisers to buy against.

The results are astonishing. COMET Radius improves existing data about 70% of the time while adding net-new fields around 40% of the time. Consequently, demand improves substantially increasing yield for advertisers and publishers between 30% and 300% — with the biggest benefits seen in the still emerging mobile domain.

COMET Focal™


COMET Focal is designed to simulate buy-side demand and test how an impression will perform in a live-market scenario. Publishers can modify their current setting and understand the performance impact without jeopardizing a single dollar.

Machine Learning

By analyzing billions of historical bids and win rates for past auctions, the COMET Focal can automatically adjust trade strategy to optimize return, in real-time.

EBDA Trusted Partner

COMET is one of a select group of exchanges configured for Exchange Bidding from DoubleClick and Google, EBDA.

Trusted exchange partners compete in real-time for DFP publisher desktop, mobile web, and mobile app inventory.

It’s simple to setup and works with your existing DoubleClick tags. Some publishers have seen their programmatic revenue increase by double-digit percentages.

Achieve Amazing Results

COMET’s platform empowers sellers with the technology, data and expertise to efficiently and profitably transact inventory programmatically.